Adipex (Phentermine)


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Commercial Name: Phentermine, Adipex
Active Ingredient: phentermine hydrochloride
Production form: Pills
Utilization: Weight Loss
Available Dosage: 37.5mg and 50mg

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 Adipex (Generic Phentermine)acts as an appetite suppressant. Hunger cravings are lessened when the active chemical affects the parts of the central nervous system. It also increases the energy levels of patients taking this drug. It is recommended that this drug is taken accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise.
How to take:
 Adipex (Generic Phentermine)is taken once daily before breakfast or within 2 hours of eating. It is advised to take the drug early in the day as it is known to cause insomnia and increases energy levels. This drug should be swallowed whole and with plenty of water. Not recommended for patients less than 16 years old and the elderly. For more detailed information please see label and please consult a specialist. Do not take more Adipex than it is indicated at the label without consulting your doctor.
Adipex (Generic Phentermine)is a prescription medication and can only be prescribed by a qualified doctor. Inform the doctor if the patient has allergies to Adipex or any other medicines that the patient is taking. If medical history includes heart diseases, diabetes, glaucoma and drug abuse. Adipex is not recommended.
Side effects of this drug include:
• nausea,
• vomiting,
• diarrhoea,
Central nervous system side effects like:
• hyperactivity,
• insomnia and dizziness.
 Prolonged use of this drug can cause physical and psychological dependence.
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