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Humalog cartridges 100U/mL are filled with insulin lispro, a fast-acting (manufactured) insulin similar in structure to naturally occurring insulin produced by the pancreas in the body. Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels and the breakdown of food (fats, sugars, and proteins). It promotes the absorption of sugar from the blood into the liver, fat, and musculoskeletal cells.

Humalog cartridges are to be used along with Humalog KwikPens (such as the 100 and 200 unit models), which are used by adults and children (over the age of 3) to treat type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Some evidence has shown that Humalog insulin lispro may be effective in preventing diabetic neuropathy.

Ensure you are ordering the correct insulin, as Humulin and Humalog tend to get mixed up with one another.

It effectively helps manage blood sugar levels that typically fluctuate before or after meals. Compared to natural insulin, insulin lispro has a shorter onset delay, meaning you only have to wait a short period before starting your meal.

Humalog also comes in vials, Mix 25 formulas and Mix 50 formulas.

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