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Humalog Mix 25 cartridge is a premixed suspension that is usually prescribed along with long-acting type insulin. It combines two medications used to manage blood sugar levels and severe complications related to type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Humalog Mix 25 100IU/ml Cartridge has a prolonged duration of action and a fast onset of action. Together, it ensures rapid and consistent control to manage blood glucose levels throughout the day.

A doctor or nurse should provide training on how to administer insulin in the form of injection properly. Managing your blood sugar levels is an essential part of diabetes management which can help you avoid any risks and complications such as eye damage, kidney damage, nerve problems, or loss of limbs.

25% insulin lispro is the active substance dissolved in water. It works faster than insulin produced by the body since it has had a molecular modification. Protamine sulfate makes up the other 75% of Humalog Mix 25 in the form of a suspension.

Humalog has many products including, KwikPens 200, Mix 25 KwikPens, vials and cartridges. These products come in a wide array of mixes including Mix 50.

Your doctor or nurse will provide instruction on how to inject under the skin properly. It should be taken 15 minutes before starting your meal or within 20 minutes of creating your meal. Do not discontinue using insulin unless advised by your doctor.

Humalog Mix 25 should be used as part of a treatment program that includes a healthy diet, weight loss, and exercise program as advised by your doctor, allowing patients to live a more healthy life.

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